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Squawk Box, Feb 15 – eComm 2008 preview

In today's Squawk Box, Alec Saunders was travelling but Dan York stepped in to host a session with special guests Lee Dryburgh, conference chair for the upcoming eComm 2008 conference and Thomas Howe, one of the speakers at eComm. eComm, subtitled "The Trillion Dollar Industry Rethink", is a brand new conference that emerged after O'Reilly shelved this year's ETel show that will be bringing together the leading innovators and thinkers about communication in one place in Silicon Valley from March 12-14. The eComm schedule is full of people truly on the bleeding edge of the ongoing communication revolution.

In the call we talked about the reasons for launching eComm and such questions as: With all the talk of openness, what will Skype be highlighting in their keynote? Who are the people attending and speaking? What will Google be announcing? Why is there an anthropologist on the agenda? Why is it called the "Trillion Dollar Rethink"?

It was a lively and interesting conversation that involved some great questions from the listeners. We would encourage you to listen to the show and consider attending eComm 2008.

Show notes and links can be found on the Live Wall on the Facebook page for this conference call, which was recorded using Iotum's FREE Conference Call application for Facebook. P.S. In full disclosure, while Dan York has been a regular participant in recent Squawk Box podcasts, it should be noted that his employer, Voxeo, is also one of the sponsors of eComm 2008.

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