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QNX at Mobile World Congress

Getting into mobile devices was a favorite theme of QNX founder Dan Dodge during the time I was at the company, 5 years ago. But back then it was an aspiration as opposed to having a solid offering for mobile device manufacturers.  So, I dropped by the QNX display (part of the FreeScale Exhibit) yesterday to see what they were showing.

It doesn’t look like a phone, does it?  Well, it’s a prototyping and development kit to allow someone to build a phone.  The cool thing, however, is the software running on that touch display.  It’s all built in Flash!  That’s right.  With QNX’s latest development systems you can build the entire UI for your application in Flash.  That’s a productivity gain for developers as well as a giant potential improvement in curb appeal for end users. 


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  • Martin Dufort February 14, 2008, 10:55 am


    Can you pass by the Garmin booth and report on the nuvifone? Any juicy details (tech / partners) would be appreciated. Thanks.

    L8er – Martin

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