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Squawk Box Feb 12. MWC Day 2

It's been an adventure getting connectivity at MWC, that's for sure.  Yesterday, for the SquawkBox, I settled down into a corner of hall 4, and used this unique setup.  The console for the call ran on the Nokia N810 tablet, pictured below.  Because DNS resolution on the show network is so poor, it was tethered to the N95 via Bluetooth and used the N95's 3G connection for web surfing.  The N95, in turn, was used to support a WiFi connection via TruPhone in order for me to make the call into North America.

McGyver would have been proud!


The call itself  focused on four areas:

  1. The Google and Nokia announcement that they had teamed up to provide Google search on Nokia phones. 
  2. Microsoft's acquisition of Danger.
  3. The Android prototypes being shown at the show.
  4. Nokia's revelation during the show that they have added an AJAX engine to current model series 60 devices.


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