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Connectivity at MWC is a disaster!

Day 2 at the Mobile World Congress here in Barcelona.  Connectivity at the show has been an absolute bear.  My plan to use to Truphone with WiFi is a complete shambles at this point, as it is nearly impossible to get a WiFi connection at the show, never mind make a SIP connection over it.  Luckily, MaxRoam's Pat Phelan came through in the crunch with one of his MaxRoam SIMs.  This little beauty roams anywhere, and uses call back to ensure that you get the best rates. I was reachable yesterday afternoon with his help. 

A couple of my fellow bloggers here at the show have also been using a local operators SIM which gives unlimited 3G data for 1.5 euros per day.  I'll check into that as well.   

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