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RIM: hot on Apple’s tail!

ChangeWave went public yesterday with their results showing that American consumers finally intend to dump their free contracted phones, and migrate to smart phones.  The big suprise?  Not that Apple iPhone was the top ranked phone they planned to buy… no.  How about that RIM Blackberry was the second choice?

Jim Balsillie must be feeling vindicated right now.  RIM's consumer strategy seems to be paying off.


Motorola, on the other hand, is in trouble.  Blitzed by RIM and Apple, consumer's intent to purchase their products has fallen from the lofty 33% of 15 months ago to a mere 11% today. 


And what about the complete absence of Nokia, both the dominant global handset manufacturer today, and maker of some very attractive consumer handsets.  Are they simply not popular with Americans?

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