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Squawk Box February 7 – Google Apps, iSkoot + Cisco, and Nokia bid for Yahoo?

Google Apps Team edition launched today.  Google Apps Team Edition is a free service that lets people within the same e-mail domain collaborate easily with Google Apps, a package that includes Docs, Calendar, Talk, and Start Page.    Does anyone believe Google's protests that they're not really competing with Microsoft anymore?  We discussed and concluded…

This morning iSkoot and Cisco announced that iSkoot had successfully integrated with the Cisco AS5000 series media gateways, and PGW 2200 softswitch. iSkoot's products let users make and receive VoIP calls, view buddy lists, and do instant messaging from mobile handsets. Does this mean that iSkoot is moving beyond Skype to traditional VoIP?

Information Week's Stephen Wellman offered the following intriguing thought: Nokia should bid for Yahoo.  His reasons are (paraphrased):

  • Nokia wants to be a Web company and Yahoo already is
  • Updating Yahoo! mobile offerings could make Nokia king of mobile location services
  • Yahoo could help Nokia brand in the U.S.
  • Yahoo would give it a desktop ad biz (it already has a mobile one).
  • Nokia can't let Google or Microsoft gain any Internet marketshare if it wants to be a serious player

And that made for a lively debate!

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