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MaxRoam on a MaxRoll…

Pat Phelan has been hard at work for the last little while, and I haven't heard much from him.  This morning, at 5 AM Eastern, however, mail appeared in my inbox.  He's just rolled out a mess of new updates to MaxRoamPhotos and details are available on his blog.  The quick summary?


  • Full LIVE billing.  Make a call, and it shows up instantly online in your  call records. 
  • Local number list expanded to 52 countries, plus reductions on cost on local numbers
  • Free call forwarding of your MAXroam numbers- zero cost roaming
  • Send global SMS from your MAXroam account for only 5c

And on his business he has similar good news. 

  • Sales are 120% over targets for first quarter.
  • 5 new global carriers interconnected
  • Connectivity running at 81% for  the quarter
  • Full customer service hub opened
  • Large upgrades planned for the next two quarters
  • Appointment of Mr Christopher Kennedy as platform manager.
  • Alliance with Global roaming, new group has 80,000 subscribers

I'd say he's on a roll.  Good work Pat!



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