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New Facebook feature: Ignore all requests

It looks as if the Facebook platform team has taken action on the Forced Invites issue.  Moments ago, a new feature appeared on my profile: Ignore All Requests.

While I commend the Facebook team for responding, this is a sledgehammer approach.  Not all requests are used for inviting people to applications.  Some, for instance the Events request, are used to invite people to events.  Our application uses Requests to invite people to conference calls.

I hope there are further refinements coming.


UPDATE: It's a little less blunt than I initially thought, because it allows events and group invitations to be handled differently from application invitations.  See below.


What would be most useful, however, is to take the application invitation and add a block button to the invitation, as I've done in the example below.


UPDATE 2:  It turns out the wording is confusing. What Facebook means by Ignore All Requests is "Ignore all the current requests", and not "Block all current and future requests", which is how I read it originally.  As they've implemented this feature, it's a super feature. It just needs a less confusing name. 

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  • Rani Dababneh February 13, 2008, 4:59 am

    i also wrote something about this.. its really another great facility from facebook :)
    you can see the snapshot and the article at: http://rani-dababneh.blogspot.com/2008/02/faceboo

  • Ryan June 12, 2008, 5:42 am

    What *I* would love to see is an actual "ignore all and future invitations" feature. I get invited to hundreds of events every week, due to being friends with tons of event promoters. It's really frustrating.

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