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Invitation to the Pulver un-Conference agenda bash

Interested in un-conferences? Telephony?  At Spring VON we'll be doing another of these events.  Tomorrow at 10 AM, Pulvermedia is hosting an "Agenda Bash" with Tom Howe, myself, Carl Ford and Brough Turner.  If you'd like to participate, then please visit this webinar page to join us!

And if you don't know what an un-conference is…

  • At a conference, conversations are typically one way : the speaker speaks and the audience listens. At an un-conference, audience members are expected to participate and help lead discussions.
  • At a conference, the agenda is set before the event, and typically negotiated between show producers, sponsors and industry experts. At an un-confernece, the agenda is set by the audience the day of the event.
  • At a conference, the focus is on the sponsors and vendors. At an un-conference, the focus is on the individual attending the event.


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