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3 great changes in Facebook applications

Facebook has made some very cool changes to the way that the "About" page on an application works, in the last couple of days. About pages now behave very much like fan pages.  Users can become fans of applications, for example.  Fans can receive update messages from the application owner, which is a much needed feature.   Previously, the only way that an an application owner could message the user base was by writing code to… send message to the user base.  In addition to becoming a fan of the application, users can also write reviews, which can include a one to five star ranking, and which are shared with their friends.  This simultaneously provides better feedback for the application owner, and creates a marketing opportunity.

Application owners can also now reorganize the About page, in much the same that, as a user, you can reorganize your personal profile.  So, for example, on the FREE Conference Call page, the reviews of the application are now the top item, rather than the list of your friends that have also installed the application.

Check out the changes on by visiting the FREE Conference Calls about page…. and while you're at it, leave us a review, or add yourself as a fan!


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