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Squawk Box with Duncan Stewart.

Join us this afternoon for a special edition of the SquawkBox with guest Duncan Stewart.  Duncan is a consultant, columnist to the National Post, and a bit of a futurist. Tomorrow morning he'll be hosting the TMT 2008 seminar here in Ottawa, and discussing market trends.  We're lucky enough to have him on the SquawkBox, and we'll be talking about these key trends:

  • Anonymity vs authenticity and social networks. 
  • The flight to privacy.
  • Online and how its gradual moving to the front page of media.
  • The $10 mobile phone, and its implications for the communications industry.
  • LED lighting – is it finally here in 2008?
  • Oil… the new water!

Sign up information for the call is here: http://apps.facebook.com/freeconference/conf/show/11076

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