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Mayhew's Facebook Tips and Tricks Call

Last night I participate in a call titled Facebook Tips and Tricks.  It went on for 90 minutes, but it was terrific.  Organized by Mark Mayhew, again, it combined a good mix of Facebook Newbies with folks who have been on Facebook for a while.  We discussed topics ranging from search engine strategies, to marketing and recruiting, and techniques for building fan pages.  AND, we speculated wildly about Mark's latest terms of service warning. 

Enjoy the recording, even if you couldn't make the call. There's about 60 minutes of material here.


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  • Chris January 24, 2008, 9:10 pm

    I’m not sure why my name sounded familiar, (and can’t tell from the recording who was asking) but there are apparently a number of Chris Taggarts in the Ottawa area including the President of Tamarack Homes, so that could have been it. Or perhaps from the last Barcamp, or Democamp? I wish I could have joined, Vonage wasn’t cooperating the other night. I’ll try and get in on an upcoming Squawkbox.

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