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Of course customers want interoperability!

Dan York says he wants interoperability between Skype and other VoIP networks.  Who wouldn't, right? Apparently not too many of us. According to Skype, the reason they haven't done this is because "customers aren't asking for it".  

I'm calling them out on this one.  I'm betting that they haven't actually asked customers.  You see, here's the dirty secret that all corporate spokespeople use.  When asked these kinds of questions, they all answer "customers haven't asked us for it", because it's a safe answer.  It's unassailable, in fact. "Hey, we'd build it if people were asking for it, but they're not, so why should we spend the money!" 

Customers won't necessarily ask for it, but if you build it, Skype, they will use it.  Moreover, by opening the network a teensy bit, Skype would advance the cause for VoIP globally and that would benefit you and everyone else.  I'm sure you've heard the old saying that a rising tide floats all boats… 

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  • Andrew January 16, 2008, 6:32 am

    This 'no one asked for it argument' is probably the most hypocritical argument that could be made by Skype. I would suggest that no one asked for "free p2p calling on the internet" but clearly there was a need that wasn't being met.

    In general, customers don't ask for disruptive, game changing features – that is the job of the innovators and pioneers in any industry (Apple, Slingbox) perhaps Skype just 'can't' do it.

  • Michael Graves January 16, 2008, 7:53 am

    Oh no, they can do it. They already interoperate with the PSTN. That's known to use G.729a. If they can do that there's not technical reason why they can't interoperate with SIP based networks. It could change their topology quite a lot, but its possible.

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