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Rumours, rumours!

The rumour mill was working overtime yesterday, spinning new yarns and hyping up speculators everywhere.

Venture Beat reported that Facebook was planning to acquire Plaxo.  Shortly after, TechCrunch shot that rumour down, saying that "Facebook grows a new Plaxo every six days".  From a customer experience perspective, the combined feature set makes sense.  But there are so many other hurdles to overcome that this deal is probably a long way from being consummated.  We'll be discussing this on this morning's Squawk Box in a little over an hour.

RBC Capital Markets is fanning the "iPhone in Canada" flames this morning, with analyst Mike Abramsky speculating that there may be an announcement at MacWorld today.  Given recent speculation that Telus may cut it's losses on CDMA and become a GSM carrier, perhaps Rogers felt that it was finally time to pull the trigger and announce a deal. 

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  • Eric Eldon January 15, 2008, 10:48 am

    Well, I'd prefer you say I reported that Facebook may be considering whether not to buy Plaxo — or something similarly equivocal. :)

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