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Squawk Box: A Public Experiment

I'm a big believer in the whole "eat your own dogfood" ethos in product development.  People who eat their own dog food use their own products to understand how well they work,and what can be done with them.  So, I'm going to run a public podcasting experiment, and you're invited to participate.  On a daily basis, at 8 AM, I'll be online with a selection of the days tech headlines, to chat with anyone who wants to discuss them.  The show's called Squawk Box, and it'll be done as an iotum FREE Conference Call. We'll talk about 4 or 5 of the days tech headlines (probably a selection from TechMeme) for 30 minutes, and then redistribute the recording afterward as a podcast on this blog. 

Attached is a quick sample (two minutes) of what I've got in mind from this morning.  I simply scanned the headlines and recorded a few soundbites, by myself.  On Monday morning, I'd like to do this with a few more people, not just me. Here's a link to the Monday call. Look for the rest of the week's calls to be up later today.

See you Monday! 

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