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Facebook Feature Set to Enlarge

Several reports emerged yesterday around three new Facebook features.  Previously promised, it looks as if these will be delivered in the New Year:

  • Fine grained privacy controls.  Long demanded, it looks as Facebook users will finally be able to differentiate between business, personal, casual and other kinds of contacts.  Let's hope these controls turn out to be the killer feature that everyone has been asking for.
  • Foreign language versions.  With the surge in subcribers from Western Europe and the Middle East, foreign language versions will help Facebook to accelerate it's growth outside North America.  Although, to date being English only hasn't been much of an impediment in some countries, such as Turkey, where Facebook has grown at over 200% per month some months.
  • Mailing large groups.  All those folks who rushed out and created large groups, and then were disappointed that they turned into useless spam catchers will be happy with this. 

These seemingly small changes will be welcome and important as Facebook matures into a platform that can support real businesses.

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