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Free Conference Calls… now with recordings

Last night we released a new feature to the iotum FREE Conference Call platform: recordings. Now the moderator of a conference call can choose to record that call, and then use the content later. 

The feature itself is something that various groups have asked for, ranging from political pundits to teleseminar hosts.  It's simple to use — simply press the record button during the call to start the recording, and then press it again to stop the recording.  A few seconds after the stop button is pressed, the recording appears online on the Facebook page. You can see how it looks below.  

Creating a recording

We hope that it will become the foundation of a new kind of podcasting more like talk radio than today's podcasts.  Last night a few friends and I recorded an inaugural call to test this idea out.  Jim Courtney, Ken Camp, Sheryl Breuker, Howard Thaw, Randall Howard and I engaged in a wide ranging discussion on topics ranging from Skype to mobile handsets.  Following the call, I grabbed the audio file, and made some quick edits.  Next I installed the Podpress plug-in for WordPress, and then uploaded the file and created this post.  It was dead simple. 


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