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Blue Man Group; high tech hilarity

Blue Man Group's show Tubes is currently running in Boston.  We went to see it last night.  An hilarious mixture of music, drumming and mime, it kept us laughing the whole show.  In fact, I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed so hard, or for so long.  By the end of the 90 minute show, I had sore ribs.

While they drummed on all kinds of low tech surfaces (PVC pipe was a favourite), the sheer quantity of technology required to pull off all the gags and stunts must have been enormous.  The fibre optic cameras, wireless controllers and microphones must have required a huge amount of preparation. At one point, a computer "animation" stepped out of a projection screen and onto the main stage and performed, illuminated as a line drawing performing on the drums.  Fortunately, the technology faded into the background, supporting the show but not becoming the show.

This shot is the boys, afterward, posing with one of the blue men.

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