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Marketing Facebook applications.

For Facebook marketers, Rodney Rumford has a couple of choice items up on FaceReviews this morning:

  1. His Facebook Marketing and Apps slides from the graphing social conference in October are a worth a look.  They're a basic overview of all the ways you can market a Facebook application.
  2. His interview with the creators of SendHotness (the most viral application in the Stanford Facebook class) is pretty interesting too.  The SendHotness guys have done a couple of counter-intuitive things in their application which really sent installs through the roof.  Measurement is the key to everything they say.

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  • Rodney Rumford December 20, 2007, 10:21 am

    Thanks for posting about these facebook topics. Actually measurement and iterations are the 1 thing that most people do not do on facebook. This needs to change. We live in a constant state of beta in todays world and iterations and measurement of desired behaviour is critical to long term success on facebook.

    Thanks for spreading the word.

    Rodney Rumford
    Publisher: FaceReviews.com

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