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Winter in Ottawa

In case you’re wondering what a real winter looks like, here are some shots from yesterday and today.  These two were taken about 3 in the afternoon.  I had to go out and pick up a dinner guest in the afternoon.

This was shot through the windshield of the car.  Notice the streamers of snow blowing across the road, and the drifts piling up on either side.


In this photograph, we were stopped at a traffic light. Compared to the previous photo we were in a bit of a snow squall which was causing semi whiteout conditions. Note that the car coming in my direction seems to be in the same lane as me.  That’s because it is!  It was the only lane available to either of us. 


This morning I let the dogs out, and then snapped a quick photo of the snow drift piled up against the back door.  It was quite funny watching our shelties (18 inches at the shoulder) navigating 3 foot snow drifts.


Of course, many of the roads were ploughed over night, as was the parking lot at the iotum offices.  Have a look at the car parked at the end of the lot and the snow piled up behind it by the plough.


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