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Amethon arrives in NY City

Australian mobile analytics company Amethon announces today that they've established a US subsidiary in New York City.  According to Dean Collins, Amethon's NY based business development manager, Amethon can track mobile browser content and interactions whereas the traditional web based folks, like Comscore and Hitwise, can't track mobile browsers because they depend on Javascript.  Using Amethon's proprietary technology, now operators can get detailed mobile analytics.

Previous solutions included logfile analysis, or handset based metrics collection.  Both of these have scalability or bias issues.  Amethon's Mobile Analytics product family uses a proprietary ‘wireline capture’ technology which allows mobile web traffic to be analyzed without the need to 'tag' each page or analyse web server logs. The result is higher quality analytics, with less user disruption.

The system can also do mobile handset brand and model analysis, mobile handset screen resolution analysis and mobile operator and country analysis.

According to Dean, "if your readers are creating mobile websites they are going to get it straight away. They will love it because currently they are only able to get about 10-40% of the information available using Amethon Mobile Analytics by using log file analysis.  Log file analysis is a faulty method and something that hasn’t been done in the desktop browser space for over 5 years."

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  • Michael Stone December 10, 2007, 12:48 pm

    Hi Alec,

    Just to clarify, Hitwise and comScore don't use javascript. Hitwise uses traffic capture technology deployed in ISPs while comScore uses a browser based client. Neither captures mobile browsing activities.

    Google Analytics is the key solution that uses Javascript which will not work in most mobile devices.


    Michael Stone
    CEO – Amethon Solutions

  • Alec December 10, 2007, 12:58 pm

    Thanks for the clarification, Michael. AND thanks for dropping by. Good luck in your US launch.

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