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And the winner is…

Tuesday I stopped in Mississauga on my up to Waterloo to have lunch with the winner of the iotum win an 8G iPod Touch giveaway on Facebook and Randall Howard.  The winner is Canadian blogger Julie Kivell. Two weeks ago she invited her boss to a conference call using FREE Conference Calls on Facebook in order to make sure that she was entered in the draw.  Needless to say, I was surprised and also pleased to see who won. 

Saturday I emailed Julie, one blogger to another, and told her I was looking for some help in getting the word out that we had a winner… and then casually let it drop that she was the winner. The reaction was a priceless "Holy Cats!!!!". 

After lunch, we shot a couple of photos, first of Randall and Julie, and then myself and Julie.

kivell 001 - Copy

kivell 002 - Copyimage

Yes, contests are real, and yes we had a winner!

The promotion itself was enormously successful.  During the short period of time we ran it we more than doubled our installations.  So, we're doing it again!  Between now and midnight (GMT-5) of December 31, 2007 and calls made using the iotum FREE Conference Call application on Facebook will be eligible to win an 8G iPod Touch

Enjoy the iPod Touch, Julie!  And all you other wannabe iPod Winners… sign up for FREE Conference Call, sign up your friends and family too, and get calling.  It's the holiday season… what better time to talk?

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