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How about a personally branded RSS reader?

image Want a branded RSS reader for your audience?  Get the new Custom Snarfer from Snarfware.  Marketed as a reader loyalty tool, the company says that it provides the following benefits:

  • Keeps your website in front of readers via a default tabbed window users see on startup. This enables you to generate more page views and insure your web presence/branding along with promoting your RSS feeds. This tab is “locked” and cannot be closed. When users enter new URL’s the sponsored tab is left intact and new tabs open beside it.
  • Publishers decide which RSS feeds are added automatically, silently when the custom reader is installed with those feeds always sorted to the top of folder tree. At the first startup the user is presented with a dialog box from which they can choose from 100s of optional feeds to install.
  • Provides publishers a direct channel to communicate with users without using email via your RSS feeds. RSS feeds are the #1 way to eliminate spam emails and insure reader loyalty.
  • "Powered by Snarfer" provides technological advantages and delivers innovation to your users based on the award winning technology at no cost to publishers or their readers.
  • Great software comes in small packages. Our installer is less than 450kb which means it’s smaller than many flash animations on some web pages.

Cool idea.  It’s just the sort of white label opportunity that companies with extensive sales channels, or large support organizations ought to jump on. Besides, Snarfer is a pretty good RSS reader to boot, with built in search and eBay integration.

I may just get me one of these. Saunderslog RSS reader anyone?

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  • MGU December 1, 2007, 4:02 pm

    It sounds like an annoying and improper invasion to me! Dad

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