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Elwood a Truphoner; New Facebook App too!

Dean Elwood has finally let the rest of the world know that he's now a Truphoner.  I knew in October, at VON, but he's only now chosen to make the news public.  Congratulations to Dean, and also to the Truphone team.

The other thing that slipped out yesterday was Truphone's new Facebook application.  Dean says:

There are several click to call/callback/speak type applications already on Facebook. The differentiator here, and the interesting part about this application (and also the hardest part) is that we’ve embedded a JAVA based softphone right into the heart of Facebook. This makes the experience from a user point of view seamless with the Facebook environment. The user never leaves Facebook, they speak into Facebook. Additionally, the "call me" button for this application is not restricted to your own profile page – it functions as a Facebook attachment, which means it can be dropped onto a friends Wall, or added to a Facebook mail message or any other attachment-accepting application which exists on Facebook now or might do in the future.

Try it.  Head to my Facebook profile, and click the green Call Me For Free button.

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