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Facebook comes to Windows Mobile

It's no secret that Facebook users are increasingly adopting mobile technologies.  Just recently, for example, Facebook announced mobile API's, and native Facebook implementations on BlackBerry and iPhone smartphone devices became available. Since the summer, Facebook mobile users have surged to 27% of the Facebook community as well.   

Microsoft may have trumped everyone with the announcement of a Facebook SDK for Windows mobile.  The SDK is available online, and allows developers full integration between the Facebook platform and native Windows mobile services, like Pocket Outlook.  Now your social network on Facebook, and your mobile address book can be… one and the same.

I wonder who has the best prices on Windows mobile devices in Canada?

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  • Sima November 26, 2007, 10:49 am

    Hi Alec,
    Thanks for the info. While we all knew this was coming, it’s certainly happening faster than I expected. Just think what a combination of Facebook and location sensing technologies provided by mobile devices will mean for the type of Facebook apps that can now be created. Currently the presence information provided by Facebook indicates mainly which of your friends is online on Facebook. In the not too distant future you’ll be able to find out who is nearby physically, and lots of other information. While this is all fun it also has ramifications for children … just something to think about.


  • Dean Collins November 28, 2007, 5:20 am

    For those of you interested in building mobile specific web applications for Facebook check out http://www.amethon.com or more specifically http://www.amethon.com/Content_Common/pg-Port-Ana

    As some or most of you already know, desktop analytics dont work with mobile browsers, leaving developers to fly blind or resort to messy and inaccurate log file analysis.

    Amethon Mobile Portal Analytics is an application designed to work specifically with mobile browser interactions so you'll be able to to track and monitor events like;
    Handset info (model, browser type, screen resolution)
    Bandwidth (total, average per visit, total per file type)
    Hits (average per visit, number of downloads, page view breakdown)
    Visits (entry page, average duration, click paths, referring search engine)
    Geo Location (country of origin, RDNS lookup)

    Of course not knowing this wont hurt your application but flying blind is foolish, plus being able to provide accurate information increases your ability to monetise your application to the fullest.


  • doug March 30, 2009, 10:42 am

    There's a new Windows Mobile facebook app out there – ThumbLink
    It's got a one-thumb interface that lets you navigate without using a stylus. You can view friends and events, upload photos, view albums, and more…

    Find out more here: http://www.Wugland.com/ThumbLink.html

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