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The real value of VoxCall? Not knowing…

A few days ago I wrote about Voxalot's new VoxCall application for Facebook. Since then, a number of people have contacted me using VoxCall.  Invariably, the quality has been superb.  For example:

  • Yesterday, Andy Abramson called me.  He called from the Nokia N810 via WiFi.  WiFi SIP to VoxCall SIP to Truphone SIP and then onto the cellular network.
  • The day after I wrote my original piece, Dan York called.  He called from a Polycom IP Phone to Asterisk to VoxCall SIP to Truphone SIP and then onto the cellular network. 

Despite the convoluted routing, the calls were of excellent quality. 

The real value in VoxCall, however, may be something more subtle.  None of us actually knew where the others were.  SIP registration took care of attaching each of us to the network, and then IP took care of the rest.  For all the fuss that gets made about find-me / follow-me services, it's nothing special in the IP world.  In IP, identity is separated from the address space, which makes find-me / follow-me a happy incidental rather than a service that a telco can charge big dollars for.

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  • Martyn Davies November 26, 2007, 7:56 am

    Although I guess in many cases your IP address will still be revealing something about your geography. There are a number of services that can render an IP address into a rough geographical area, perhaps within 10 miles.

  • Alec November 26, 2007, 8:18 am

    Agreed Martyn, but the issues of privacy and geography are different from the issues of find / follow.

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