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Jajah Direct: Forget the PC. Just call.

Jajah announced their new Jajah Direct service this morning.  In a nutshell, now you can have dial-in numbers to make Jajah calls.  It completely removes the need to have a computer.  You simply pick up the phone and call a local number, enter the number of the person you wish to reach internationally, and the call proceeds.  It's cheap… or best of all, it's free if you're both Jajah users.

Luca Filigheddu points out that others are doing this already. It was inevitable that Jajah would also launch such a service, since the economics of running this kind of service are much more compelling than the call back model that they began with.  In the world of call-back, Jajah must pay for termination on both legs of the call.  Using this new model, it's highly likely that they pay for termination on only one leg since there are many flat-rate origination services available now.

It's a good move for Jajah, but it's unfortunate that dial-in numbers are available in such a small number of markets — just the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Austria and Israel.  For now, I intend to continue to use Mobivox since they've provided a local Ottawa number for me to call. 

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