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Dinner with Andy at Fleming's

One of the highlights I look forward to every VON is Andy Abramson's bloggers' dinner.  It's a bit of a misnomer in that the dinner is not just for bloggers anymore.  Rather it's a mixer of Andy's clients and friends from the VoIP community, many of whom are bloggers or who would like to meet the VoIP blogging community where Andy has become the de facto leader.

Held at Fleming's Steakhouse this year, the event brought 32 people together, ranging from senior Level 3 VPs to entrepreneurs with an idea to pitch and… bloggers.  Some superb wine was also available courtesy of Andy, and another of his wine loving friends Steve Smith. And of course, with that many opinionated type A personalities in the room, there was some fierce debate on topics ranging from social networks to carrier strategies. 

Perhaps the most remarkable part of the evening, however, was Andy's introduction of everyone in the room.  Rather than have his guests introduce themselves, he walked the room, explaining each and every person's role, and what he personally thought was special about that individual.  It was a remarkable display, a testament to Andy's superb industry network, and validation of the well deserved reputation he has amongst the movers and shakers of the VoIP world.

Well done, my friend.  Well done.

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  • Sheryl November 5, 2007, 3:02 pm

    I first met Andy at one of his dinners at ITExpo. Having first hand experience of what an amazing gentleman he is, I realised it was almost a royal affair.

    Andy is one of a kind, and our burgeoning friendship is something I’m grateful to be able to experience.

    Kudos to Andy, and those blessed to be in his company for events like this.

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