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Pulver Keynote

I just exited the Pulver keynote, and heard both Tom Evslin and Jeff Pulver extolling the virtues of social communications. Evslin sees the arrival of social networks as the next phase of all communications.  As he sees it, social networks are the opt-in self administered directories we've all been talking about for a very long time.  In the social world, you add yourself to the directory and expose the information you want. 

Pulver also sees the emergence of the social networking platform as the next driver of communications applications.  The open platform allows any kind of application to be built, and it's the first time it's been possible.  As he put it so eloquently "nobody went into their garage to build new services for AT&T… or AOL".  He also suggested that the incumbents focus on being bitpipe providers. 

Vintage.  Pulver is fired up and passionately focused on what he thinks is the new trajectory for VoIP.

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