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iPhone in Canada for Christmas?

The Boy Genius is calling iPhone for Christmas in Canada from Rogers with a $499 price point on a three year contract.  Frankly, if true, it's offensive.  The same phone is $120 less from AT&T on a two year contract.  In today's climate, with the Canuck buck at par with the US dollar and members of parliament publicly accusing retailers of gouging Canadians, it's hard to believe that Rogers would launch at that price point. 

Given that Apple still hasn't settled the Canadian iPhone trademark dispute with Comwave, it's a whole lot more likely that the ad that the Boy Genius is showing is a fake. 

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  • Jason Yeung October 28, 2007, 8:30 pm

    There is no way that the ad is real. Rogers NEVER separates the mobius and the Rogers text, the font is ridiculously bad, Apple is a registered trademark (R), not a (C).

    – Jason

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