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Mobivox hires COO: former Skype Exec Nitzan Shaer

Montreal's Mobivox is making news again this morning, with the appointment of Nitzan Shaer as COO.  Shaer will also join the Mobivox board.

Shaer's background?

  • EIR at IDG Ventures in Boston
  • Head of Skype Mobile, where he led development and marketing efforts that made Skype available on leading mobile phone platforms, including Nokia, Motorola and Windows Mobile.
  • Product management at Microsoft where he managed development of three emerging businesses in the company's embedded and mobile division.

Does this presage marketing agreements with handset manufacturers?  Perhaps.  Mobivox is somewhat unique in that it requires no cooperation from handset manufacturers to go to market.  Or possibly  Mobivox is trying to forge a stronger relationship with Skype as they begin their push into the handset space. 

Either way, it will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out. 

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