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Facebook adds keyword targeting

News leaked out yesterday that Facebook had added keyword targeting to Facebook Flyers.  This is a welcome step.  Like Lee Aase, I started experimenting with them to see what kind of results could be achieved.  I targeted a couple of flyers to people who said they were interested in Business or Networking, which dramatically narrows the potential audience.

Although many are touting this as a Google Adwords' competitor, one thing is quite different from Google.  Because Google adwords are driven by search, there is more likely to be an intent to buy already.  That may bias advertisers in favour of Google Adwords rather than Facebook flyers. 

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  • Lee Aase October 24, 2007, 3:35 am

    Alec – I agree with your point about people being in the search mode when they use Google, and therefore much more likely to click a link that would take them to another site. I think advertisers SHOULD be biased in favor of Google AdWords right now, but should experiment with Facebook Flyers. It will be interesting to see what case studies might come out of Facebook Flyers, because I would think that for some applications having people see an ad BEFORE they search might be effective, especially since you don't pay unless they click. I wouldn't be the whole farm on Facebook Flyers, but the good news is they should be relatively cheap for those experimenting early.

  • Alec October 24, 2007, 3:44 am

    I agree Lee, which is why I've been experimenting as well.

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