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VONCamp Unconference

One of the coolest new sessions at VON this year is the VONCamp Unconference.  Borrowing heavily from the successes of the BarCamp movement, this is a whole day affair that will be part of the Innovators track at the show.  The idea is that   topics which aren't necessarily covered in the main sessions can be proposed, presented and discussed here. Think of it as constructive anarchy.  Amazing things can come out of these sessions.

My good friend Tom Howe will kick the day off with an "agenda bashing" session, where all attendees will decide on the agenda for the day.  After that, 12 sessions of 25 minutes each area available. Anyone can present and everyone is expected to participate in some way.

Go check out the wiki.  Sign yourself up, and decide if you'd like to speak or participate in some other way.

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