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Hangin' out on a FREE Conference Call

I tried an experiment last night with my Skype Unlimited plan.  After creating a public hockey chat to discuss the Sens / Panthers game, and the return to the net of Ray Emery, I dialed in to the iotum FREE Conference Calls service from Facebook.  It took a couple of trys to be recognized by the bridge, because Skype's transmission of DTMF tones is a little iffy, but I was able to get on the line and hang out to chat with other Sens fans.

So, here I am stuck indoors again, working on a presentation on an unbelievable October afternoon.  I'm also dialed in (via Skype) to the iotum FREE Conference Call bridge again.  If you'd like to chat, please feel free to join me on the line.  Facebook membership required. 

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