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The growing Facebook business community

There's a growing community of people on Facebook who are proactively looking for ways to promote their goods and services using the Facebook social network.  It goes to the heart of why many small business people get onto Facebook, which is finding new ways to reach an audience for their goods and services. In the last few days I've spoken with limousine companies, multi-level marketing organizations, and educational groups.

One of the common themes is simply "how do I get started?".  Yesterday I chatted with Mari Smith, who is developing a series of classes, offered through the PodClass network, on how to use Facebook in a business context.  She's offering the introductory seminar in the series for free.  Check it out, if you're interested in the potential of Facebook in your business. 

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  • Mari Smith October 20, 2007, 12:59 pm

    Thanks for the mention, Alec. With apps much more suited (and useful!!!) to Facebook biz users, such as your excellent Free Conference Call app, I predict Facebook will soon become one of the TOP platforms on the internet for professional networking and online marketing.


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