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Sold my soul? Now that's a joke.

I snorted my coffee out my nose this morning at Rogers Cadenhead's Exclusive: Techbloggers have sold their souls.  I know a few serious journos that won't take an embargo, like my friend Om Malik.  That's his business, and I respect his position.  But me?  If you've got news and are trying to coordinate a launch, I'll take the embargo.  I don't publish press releases.  Most of what I write is opinion. Dropping a press release in my inbox the day the announcement is being made isn't going to do it for me, since I write between 6 AM and 9 AM (that's the reality of writing a blog as a sideline to running a startup).  Unless you've given me a couple of days to muddle over the news, I'm not likely to write about it the day of, and perhaps not at all

Sold my soul?  Hardly.  Trying to give readers who honor me with a spot in their clogged RSS feed some value?  Sign me up.

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  • Rogers Cadenhead October 19, 2007, 5:40 am

    I'm not just talking about an across-the-board embargo that puts everyone on the same footing. These bloggers are taking embargoes intended to give another blog the scoop, and Scoble doesn't sound like he has a problem with it. That's way too pliant for my tastes. If that's common practice on the A list, point me to the B and C.

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