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Skype calls ARE getting better

Andy asks Are Skype Calls Getting Better.  He says that he's seeing better quality calls from Skype, and that more and more people are saying the same.  I'll add my voice to the mix.  Not only is the quality better, but it's consistently better.  Moreover, quality in no-headset situations has reached the point where I don't think twice about taking calls without my headset.  And Skype-In / Skype-Out calls are getting to be pretty good quality too. 

Having said that, the quality of Skype plug-ins (and I can only speak to Skype branded plug-ins) still stinks.  The Skype Internet Explorer plug-in has improved on IE 7, but I still don't use the Skype Plug-in for Outlook.  There appears to be some kind of conflict between Skype and Plaxo when both are plugged into Outlook, and Plaxo is much more valuable to me than Skype.

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  • Peter Kalmstr&Atilde October 12, 2007, 5:52 am

    Hi Alec,
    I am very glad that you have noticed the improved quiality of the Skype add-on for Internet Explorer. We have put a lot of efforts into that and it is being updated with every new version of Skype and some hotfixes too.

    The Skype Email Toolbar for Outlook is another story though, I am sorry to say. We have not updated it since September last year something but all that is about to improve now!

    Currently we have published a public BETA of it which I encourage you to try. It can be found on the link above. Any issues you report will be promptly dealt with and fixed!
    I don't use Plaxo myself but we will make double certain to test with that.

    Best regards
    Peter Kalmström, PM Skype Toolbars

  • Skype fan October 13, 2007, 5:11 am

    I absolutely agree. It's much better that it was.

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