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Co-working at the Ottawa CodeFactory

What if you're a very early stage startup, and you need a little space but don't want to sign up for a lease?  Or perhaps you want the interaction and shared problem solving you get working working with a larger group of people.  Ian Graham's latest initiative might be just the thing for you then.  The following email arrived in my inbox Thursday afternoon.

Subject: the CodeFactory Preview

The CodeFactory will be Ottawa's co-working space for independent professionals and early stage businesses.

Co-working is work space built around shared facilities and services that provide a productive and inspirational work environment. Its open areas are part coffee shop and part DemoCamp while its private offices are about efficiency and productivity.

A site has been selected and preliminary plans have been developed. Now it’s your turn to say what your ideal co-working space needs to be like.

Preview the plans at:

The ClockTower Restauraunt on Bank Street (just south of the 417)
Tuesday October 9th –  11:45am – 1:20pm
Light Snacks will be served (if you can confirm that helps me determine what to order)

Come and influence how Ottawa's first co-working space gets build.  I look forward to your thoughts.

Ian Graham

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  • Ian Graham October 6, 2007, 12:25 pm

    Thank you for the post Alec. Hope to see you there.

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