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Vonage halted on Toronto?

It's been a rough couple of days for Vonage.  Yesterday a jury found that the company had, in fact, violated Sprint's patents, driving the stock to a new low of just $1.30.  Today, it only got worse.  A jury reaffirmed the verdict in this year's earlier case, stating that Vonage had also infringed Verizon's patents.  And the stock nose dived again, dropping to $.89

How could it get any worse?

The final indignity may be this.  This screen shot from the TD Waterhouse website shows Vonage as halted.  Is this simply due to the Toronto exchange not wanting to take orders for Vonage, or has it been halted on NY also?

TD Waterhouse

What next?

UPDATE: VG doesn't trade at all on Toronto, so this is clearly an action by TD Waterhouse, or an error in their trading system.  This morning VG is trading on the NYSE, and is even up a little after yesterday's panic.

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