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Don't touch my monkey, Dave!

I'm opposed to Dave Winer's proposal to chuck the term social graph and replace it with social network.  The internet was conceived of as a tool for good, and a means for the education and edification of the public at large. It wasn't supposed to be an endless dripping pipe of pornography, drivelly blog postings, stolen music and banal choppy video.  I'm sure we can all agree that bringing graph theory to the masses is a far more noble cause than endlessly surfing for Britney Spears' latest faux pas.  

You know, understanding graph theory ought to be a pre-requisite for being allowed to use the internet.  Prospective internet surfers could line up annually at the Department of Internet Licensing, solve the Seven Bridges problem (or some other equally trivial enumeration problem), and receive their photo-ID permitting them to use the Oracle of the W3C's creation for one more year.   In fact, this such a good idea I think I'll go propagate this meme to a few edge nodes in my graph to see if I can get them to join the cause!

Besides, Dave, just between you and me… how bad can a thing be when it results in the shaming of Nick Carr?

[n.b. At least one person mistook the idea that we might have a "license to surf" as serious on my part. This is a humorous suggestion, and in actual fact I agree with Winer and Carr.]

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