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Free Call on Electoral Reform in Ontario

One of the things we did when we created our Facebook Free Conference Call application was to allow people to create public conference calls.  The idea behind this feature is that you will be able to create public events that happen on a conference call.  Market research showed that Facebook users would be interested in being able to hold live events with sports stars, musicians and political figures… just to name a few.

So I've created an event.  On the October 10th ballot in Ontario, we're going to be asked to vote on whether to change our system of elections from the current first past the post model to a mixed member proportional model.  What does this mean?  What are the pro's and con's? 

If you're on Facebook today, join me on September 20th at 10 AM to discuss this topic.  And if not a Facebook user, but you still want to join the conversation, drop me a piece of email and I will send an RSVP link. And for more information about the ballot, visit the Referendum Ontario site. 


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