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The death of voice services? Not so fast…

Gary Kim writes that some people view the introduction of voice as an attribute of every application as the death of traditional voice services.  Perhaps the correct articulation is "the death of the business models associated with traditional voice services".  After all, no matter how much integration of voice with other applications occurs, people still "like to talk" as Niklas Zennstrom so simply put it.  The challenge for the voice service provider is in delivering value that can be monetized for more than a few tenths of a cent per minute. The service provider must become a pipe for delivering huge volumes of communications, and/or an applications provider that leverages that volume.

That's the essence of the Voice 2.0 argument

iotum's mashup with Facebook combines a traditional voice service — Conference Calling — with a hot social networking platform.  It's a leaping off point for business models built around premium services, advertising, and traditional voice minutes.

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