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Give us a hand with our Facebook App.

Andy Abramson's latest addition to VoIP Watch is a daily News and Notes column.  At the end of today's, he writes:

Dan York highlights the RebTel Facebook app. Big whoop. All the RebTel app is one more layer on top of a complicated way to make a cheap call yawn…I'm more excited about Pat from Roam4Free's list of FaceBook apps PSST… Alec Saunders tells me that the iotum team have something that will really be relevant for the Facebook crowd….Check his blog out next week….Obviously Alec knows that announcing after Labor Day is a smarter idea. I mean, the bulk of Facebook is still in college, and that starts next week. This week those at college are looking for a new face and hook up. Not an app that makes it hard to hook up. I think Alec has that figured out too.

Iotum's effort is still under wraps, but we're going to be doing some load testing over the weekend.  If you're interested in helping us out, drop me email at alec@iotum.com.  Otherwise, enjoy your Labour Day Weekend. 

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