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Advertising on mobile phones

Apparently the big online giants, sensing a win in the mobile world, are experimenting with the use of "pop-up" advertising on mobile devices.  One of the reasons the Google Adsense model has been so powerful and well accepted is contextual targeting.  It makes the ads pertinent, and unobtrusive.  Let's hope the mobile advertisers take a page from Googles book, and figure out how to do this unobtrusively.  I can think of few things more annoying than the current pop-up advertisements we see on the web today. 

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  • Paul August 9, 2007, 12:10 pm

    I have gotten some text message spam in the past but it seemd to stop. I think Verizon (my carrier) got some control of the situation. The cell phone market is much bigger than most think. Even Bill Gates said the future may belong to a small device like a PDA/cellphone type device.

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