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Why the “Radio Silence”?

I've been off the air since August 2nd.  Why the radio silence?  We've had 13 house guests.  As hard as it is to imagine, we crammed 20 people into our house for the long weekend — wined, dined, entertained and did activities with the kids.

We went diving in the St. Lawrence on Saturday, visiting two of the more popular wrecks close by.  The first wreck, the Conestoga, is a shore dive from Cardinal, Ontario. The Conestoga is in 28 feet of water, and full of interesting mechanical stuff — boilers, engines, propellers, chains, and so on.  The second, the Robert Gaskin, is in 70 feet of water.  It's a well preserved wooden boat from the late 1800's.  It requires a boat trip from Brockville which we did with Ottawa's Diver's Wearhouse. Their facilities on the St. Lawrence River are terrific for divers.

Here's the bow end of upper deck of the Gaskin with divers below.  More photos in this Flickr set, if you enjoy diving.


Sunday we spent the day at Parc Omega, a short drive north of Montebello on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River.  Parc Omega is a game park full of mostly native North American game. You can drive around their roads, and view Bison, Wapiti, Moose, and other animals up close.  You can even feed some of them.  And no, the irony of all those cars driving through a wildlife preserve wasn't lost on us…


More Parc Omega photos in this Flickr set.

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