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SwitchVox 3, now with CRM support

SwitchVox yesterday announced that SwitchVox 3 contains support for leading CRM systems like SugarCRM and Salesforce.com.  On incoming calls, users will see pop-ups with information from these systems, along with information from Google Maps which tells you where the call is coming from.

Although integration with CRM providers is the news piece of this release, the real meat may be in the Switchboard Panels, which allow developers to customize of the system. 

As with other Asterisk based systems, SwitchVox is busily carving out a niche for itself.  It's a smart business strategy, and if they can do a better job of staying current with Asterisk releases than their competitors at Fonality, it will put them in a better competitive position by allowing them to have current Asterisk features with added SwitchVox flavor.

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