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ZTE Bavo: a VoIP Swiss Army Knife for Home Networks

Interest in new telephony features supplied at the end point seems to be at an all time high.  After all the noise about Ooma last week, Aswath Rao dropped me a note pointing out the ZTE Bavo, a product from his company.  Today Aswath has written about it himself, as well as another of his company's products on his blog.

Bavo really is a swiss army knife.  It's a broadband router or a mobile router (supports EVDO), print server, two port "PBX" including support for an optional bluetooth phone, ethernet or WiFi LAN (with multiple SSID's for guest access), and more.  RfWeL offers it for sale for $229, and gives these 10 reasons to buy.

  • Wireline Internet: A 100BaseT Ethernet Port can connect to DSL or Cable Modem and provides primary Internet Access while EV-DO/UMTS provides backup, realizing 24/7 Internet Connectivity
  • WLAN for Host and Guest: You can offer a standalone WLAN to your guests using the Gateway’s multiple SSID capability. Your hospitality will be appreciated while your own network is protected.
  • Mobile Internet: Works with various Wireless Broadband Cards and allows sharing Internet Access Anywhere, at home, at office or on the road.
  • Print Server: Since the Home Gateway is an always-on device in your network, it is the best place to serve as a printer server or file server. Connect a printer to the Gateway; every PC in your network can print any time they need to. No PC needs to stay on.
  • Internet Safety: Parental Control, Intrusion Detection and Prevention and Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall protect your network as well as your family.
  • Multiple Lines via VoIP and PSTN: The Gateway allows one PSTN and two VoIP lines; your teen or co-workers can make simultaneous calls. Call-waiting, Call-forwarding, Caller Id and many more calling features enhance your voice experience.
  • Intercom – SOHO or Large Home: The POTS (analog) phones and Bluetooth Cordless phones in your home may call each other, just like Intercom in offices.
  • Emergency Calling: Gateway can intelligently route your emergency calls to PSTN, to leverage its E-911 capability. Both analog phones fail over to PSTN when power is lost.
  • High Performance with QoS: The Gateway provides up to 100Mbps throughput with Ethernet Up-link or up to 2.4Mbps with EVDO Uplink. Combination of Priority and WRR queuing ensures QoS for VoIP and other mission critical traffic
  • Remote Manageability: Manage the device via its built-in web interfaces, or let experts remotely manage using TR069/SNMP.

I haven't tried it, but it certainly looks cool.

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  • Ed July 30, 2007, 6:06 am

    I currently have a test unit and I love it but in saying that I'm not using it to its full potential yet.

    I can see this being a winner if all its features can do what they are supposed to do. It will be an interesting product to watch on the market.

  • Roque July 30, 2007, 3:59 pm

    Completely agree with the swiss army knife analogy – just having both EVDO & Ethernet plus Print server & PBX in one box seems almost too good to be true. But it is! Too bad it has not been as well marketed as some of the other EVDO routers out there. We are actually currently supporting a major customer in Africa using this for remote VOIP cafes over a CMDA2000 1xEVDO network and the voice quality sounds decent!

  • sully July 31, 2007, 10:20 am

    There are so many applications for this! I am looking to intall it on my RV and Cabin Cruiser!

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