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Apple vs BlackBerry vs Nokia

Yesterday's comparison (via TechCrunch) of iPhone to Blackberry was fun, if predictableDave Winer weighs in as well, describing his experiences.  The net of it: if you want a business class mobile, with email and calendar, and a keyboard you can type on, skip the iPhone.  Blackberry's your choice.

Chatting with a friend of mine at RIM, he offered up that the iPhone is for the power media consumer, rather than BlackBerry's target audience.  I'm not so sure I agree, however.  As someone who is both a power media consumer, and a business user, I want it all.  Today, I carry three devices:

  • The BlackBerry Curve, which I like very much.  What's missing?  WiFi, GPS, a decent camera, and good integration with my music software — Windows Media Player 10.  It's got great corporate email, and acceptable media handling capabilities, but with a small screen.
  • The Nokia N95.  What's missing? Email integration, and a full size keyboard.  However it has Wifi, GPS, a great camera, and a really nice media suite.
  • The Nokia N800.  What's missing?  A phone.  However, it is hands down the best media and internet device I've used.  Why would I want an iPhone when this device lets me Skype, access my GMail, supports up to 32G of storage, with a larger screen, etc etc etc?

I'd like one device.  Any of these devices, if backfilled with the features missing from the other devices, could satisfy me and take on iPhone.   Unfortunately it appears that RIM and Nokia's product strategies are very similar — not the products, but the strategies themselves.  By producing different products with different features sets for various segments of the market, they overlook the prosumer segments that are most likely to buy, love and evangelize a "does-all" product.

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  • Ben July 27, 2007, 12:25 pm

    Have you looked at the Nokia E61i? This is hands down my favourite, it includes; all of the media capabilities, integrated SIP phone, WIFI access and Blackberry software licensed from RIM. It has a full QWERTY keyboard, an impressively brilliant screen and support for UMTS and GSM networks.

  • Anand Sanwal July 18, 2008, 2:50 pm

    Nice post and I like the segmentation of types of customer. For those who are not power media consumer and business users both (aka me), the Blackberry is superior from an end-user experience and that is why it will win.

    If my business required that I listen to music, watch YouTube videos, or check the weather in Palo Alto, the iPhone would be my choice for sure.

    Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t figure into my daily job routine and so I have to do real work and that, for good or bad, means lots of emailing with clients, prospects, magazine editors, my teammates, etc.

    And when it comes to email, the Blackberry is the indisputed heavyweight champion of the world. And to me the iPhone is the Ivan Drago of business mobile phones. (Rocky IV reference)


    I commented on the iPhone vs Blackberry race in my blog as well. The full post is here in case interested.

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