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What about Google?

On VentureBeat this morning Jeremy Liew compares the value of targeted advertising via ad networks and "synthetic channels" to untargeted advertising.  Naturally, more targeted readers mean higher value eyeballs.  But what about organically organizing "networks", like the Google adsense model.  These use context to construct and reconstruct synthetic channels over and over.  For those running blogs, like myself, data on these channels would be especially interesting. 

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  • Peter Childs July 30, 2007, 5:46 am

    One of the advantages of ad networks is that they also allow members of the network to offer broader audiences to any advertisers they solicit themselves.

    Two advantages to this – larger audiences makes it easier to sell ads as each site doesn't need to have huge traffic – just targeted traffic. The cost of landing adveertisers is also spread across multiple sites – making it possible for all ads to result from direct relationships between network memders and the advertiser.

    The net result is more money/ad because the network 'own' entire relationship with the advertiser – not just the display portion.

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