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FWD to leave the nest

A ray of good news showed up in my RSS reader this morning.  Jeff Pulver wrote on his blog yesterday that one of his summer projects is going to be to resuscitate FWD, his 12 year old experiment in VoIP and what Jeff refers to as Participatory Communications.  To that end, he's asked Daniel Berninger to come aboard, and FWD will launch a "freemium" model later this year, with some premium and some free services.  The goal is to make it self sustaining, because as Jeff said in his blog posting:

My funding of FWD over the last 12 years departed from any investment logic long ago. The membership fees will not provide a return for the investment, by I hope they remove the limitation my resources have on FWD reaching its potential. Support and maintenance needs of existing FWD services people tell me want can be liberated from my interest in spending on new services.

Good one Jeff, and I'm sure the FWD community will thank you for it.


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